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About us

Our company has been doing professional observational research for 12 years, so you can be sure we can handle even the most ambitious projects. During our hitherto activity we have had the opportunity to conduct various non-interventional studies - both prospective and retrospective.

Observational studies and medical market research

Our team consists of specialists highly experienced in pharmaceutical market research. They have designed and conducted many observational and marketing research projects. We employ medical statistics specialists and IT experts; whose purpose is to design medical registers and applications dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry.

Business and science – all for the benefit of the pharmaceutical sector

We have experience both in business and academics, so you can be certain that our research will provide you with business benefits. Our observational and marketing studies provide invaluable support to pharmaceutical companies which, through our applications, can streamline their products and deliver their ads in a way which is perfectly aligned with their customers’ needs and wishes.

We invite you to get acquainted with our offer of research services dedicated to pharmacies and medical centers. We assure you that with our help, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, and thus your sales profits.